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Good health

Good health

OConnell - hounds of valour

History of the Irish name O'Connell

Cemetery symbols

Instead of putting these flowers on my grave, cremate me and plant a garden with these flowers so that it's more of a memorial than a resting place. I'd rather be remembered when my children look at a bed of flowers than when they look at a headstone.

Ogham - ancient Irish written language

Ogham is the oldest known form of writing from Ireland. It is a language made up of 20 letters named after various different trees.

This is the basics for Heraldry. Information is shown to explain it in detail.

Medieval times- build their own coat of arms sheild Heraldry - The Basics. Pretty nifty reference when studying this time period.

Parnell: History of the Penal Laws

A History of the Penal Laws against the Irish Catholics from the Treaty of Limerick to the Union. Dublin: H.

History - Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society...Hopkins Timeline with births etc

Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society is dedicated to Stephen Hopkins' genealogy and family history. Welcome to the Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society.

The Witches Attic - Trees of the Ogham... site has a correct listing for Lunar Zodiac

♡::♡ Celtic ♡::♡ Tree alphabet - Ogham Irish tree name: Letter associated with tree: Tree ogham symbol: runic symbol: English tree name

Irish Surname Map

Irish Surnames Map- zoom in and find your Clan. Map of Ireland showing where your clan originated.