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Does anyone else have this problem?? I think the best solution is to have a goodwill box in your closet and when you are having one of those "nothing fits right" days, just throw it in the box and forget about it. I promise, you won't miss it.

The Money Pit of Oak Island

The Oak Island "Money Pit" I love reading about it and imagining the possibilities. Who, What, When, Why??? -Pam

Ancient art featuring what? Many think this looks like an astronaut; ¤¤¤ What does this tell us about our past in ancient times? Notice the gear on back & cords or tubing leading to the chest area.

9/11 -- Before the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower! What the hell is going on here??!

Stonehenge in winter, Wiltshire, England

Ghost Ship? Entire crew found dead on board with open eyes - outstretched arms and look of horror on their faces. Even the ship's dog found dead - a snarl still on its lips.

12 Most Dark And Mysterious Places On Earth

12 Most Dark And Mysterious Places On Earth. The Initiation Wells, Sintra, Portugal.