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Fall Backyard Porch Decor - Home and Garden Design Ideas Click here to download Download whole gallery I want one this my garden. Click here to download Download whole gallery Stone wall for raised beds. Click here to download Download whole gallery

10 Square Foot Garden Ideas

Small garden design perfect for an urban garden or small spaces. I never thought of putting a trellis on a balcony!

How to prepare your garden soil for cultivation

Digging over garden soil and preparing it for sowing or planting is vital for good plants. It's about more than just breaking up the soil - it allows you to improve the structure and drainage, as well

Veg garden: How to grow your own chillies

Growing chillies at home is hugely popular, and they can be used in so many recipes! Plus, they are really easy plants to grow. The easiest way to grow your own chillies is in a pot on a sunny windowsill. Sow them from seed

Get Started Growing: 5 Easy Small Vegetable Garden Ideas To Try

I filled the gutters with Miracle Grow Garden Soil to about half full. I put in some time release fertilizer and added the other half of the soil (the extra fertilizer was needed because I knew that frequent watering would drain out the nutrients quickly)