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When something goes wrong in your life...just yell "Plot twist!" and move on.

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, "Plot twist!" and move on.don let's the twists trip.

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This is so me lol. I "roll my eyes out loud" all the time!

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Basically... you said things and then took it back and not even to my face and you don't even care.... you don't even think it matters that you played with my feelings when I didn't bring them into this

Those fake apologies. I don't accept apologies, you did what made you happy at the expense of my emotions and I understand but I won't respect it.


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x AG Quote: I love when the kids tell me they're bored. As if the lady standing in front of a sink full of dirty dishes is where you go to get ideas about how to have a good time.

Please send prayers for is then 16 hours layer we are tracking her down and stalkig her at cracker barell and no sign  of logan as usual lol

Seriously, we don't care! Especially when people vent. I've stopped posting so much on fb because it sucks. Fb is lame.

Yes haha  or sister, children mostly lol!

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was just talking to someone about how nothing can really stay a secret. shit gets out.

Do not ever underestimate my ability to find shit out. Do not ever underestimate my ability to find shit out. Do not ever underestimate my ability to find shit out.