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There are hundreds of benefits to the use of lavender. Angustifolia (English) lavender is the one that possesses skin healing benefits.

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doTERRA Melissa Essential Oil

Things that doTerra Melissa Oil is good for.

Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano Oil Benefits Superior to Prescription Antibiotics?

The good news is there is an incredible natural alternative to prescription antibiotics and that is oregano oil (also called oil of oregano).

Natural Healing Benefits of Peppermint Oil - Top 15 Aromatherapy Oils and Their Therapeutic Benefits

Aromatherapy is a popular therapy that is great for curing many issues. Studies have shown that certain smells are associated with certain reactions so.

Lavender (Bulgaria)

Calming - Calming with essential oils - Promote relaxation - Rocky Mountain Oils - Native American Nutritionals


Fun with Food

Essential Oils a quick reference to common essential oils and their uses.

The Multitude of Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil: The Multitude of Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil: ...

The Multitude of Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil: Can you live without Thyme Essential Oil? : Can you live without Thyme Essenti.

10 AMAZING Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil :Tea tree oil helps in strengthening the body’s immune system, which may be weakened by stress, illness, consumption of antibiotics and other drugs.

Support your liver, colon, skin, lymph system and kidneys with 10 of the best essential oils for detox.

Top 10 Essential Oils for Detox

The 10 best essential oils for women's health -- and tips on how to incorporate them into everyday life.

Keep calm

Keep calm

Sure, they smell nice. But if you're stressed-out or stuffed up, a few drops might also help you feel better, fast.

A Guide to Essential Oils

Eucalyptus Oil - Try it when: You’re congested. How it works: “Eucalyptus oil acts as an expectorant, helping to clear mucus from the respiratory passages,”

Handy infographic by SkinnyDivaBeauty presents a visual guide to the Top 10 Essential Oils, including their uses and healing applications ♥www.purasentials.com♥

Skinny Diva Beauty: Top 10 Essential Oils [Infographic] Yes.

Liquid Ambien:

Liquid Ambien - Just substitute Young Living orange essential oil for wild orange.

Natural Healing Benefits of Rose Oil


Natural Healing Benefits of Rose Oil - Top 15 Aromatherapy Oils and Their Therapeutic Benefits

Don't know what to use essential oils for, or how much to use on kids vs adults? This article talks about three must-have essential oils for every home.

Must-Have Essential Oils for Your Family

3 Must-Have Essential Oils - Brown Thumb Mama has recommendation for oil diffuser

Read about essential oil basics and how they can help improve your health!

Essential Oil Basics & How Essential Oils Have Improved My Health

Identify and formulate your unique personalized scent. As well as pushing beyond the fear of basic essential oil blending for your product line.