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Famous Photographers With Their Most Iconic Works - I. LOVE. THIS. (originally from http://behindphotographs.com/)

Famous Photgraphers With Their Most Iconic Works

Steve McCurry holds his 1984 photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. "I looked for this girl for 17 years and finally found her in Her name is Sharbat Gula." Photo: Tim Mantoani -famous photographers pose with their most iconic images

Steve McCurry - Auschwitz

A Buddhist at Auschwitz, by Steve McCurry 2005 one of the most haunting images…

Kodachrome film, one of the first successful color films in history, was discontinued in 2009, as Kodak recognized that digital cameras were making physical film obsolete. But, before it was all go...

See What Steve McCurry Did With the Last Roll of Kodachrome Film Ever

Steve McCurry, The Last Roll of Kodachrome. FRAME 23 An elderly Rabari woman, photographed in India, June

A new exhibit focuses on the famed photographer’s work on the subcontinent.

Steve McCurry's India

Sikh devotee prays at the Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab, India 1996 - Steve McCurry - Time Photo

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The Magnum photographer’s new book draws together iconic images he has taken in 40 years of visiting India, showcasing the people and extraordinary settings of one of the most spiritual countries on Earth

Steve McCurry  | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fotografia do fotografo Steve McCurry, autor daquela foto conhecida da menina afegã, capa da revista National Geographics. Photo by Steve McCurry,author of that famous photo of the Afghan girl cover of National Geographics.

Xigaze, Tibet // ph. Steve McCurry

Photo of Tibet by Steve McCurry. You can see so much in his young face. - I love this picture. His face says so much.

Ünlü 'Afgan Kızı'nın Fotoğrafçısı Steve McCurry'nin Kadrajına Yansıyan 40 Muhteşem Kare

Ünlü 'Afgan Kızı'nın Fotoğrafçısı Steve McCurry'nin Kadrajına Yansıyan 40 Muhteşem Kare