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I love that song! " I write sins, not tragedies " by Panic! At the disco

Yeah but did you put water in the bowl

16 Perfect Snapshots Of The American Schooling System "Did you put water in the bowl?


I laughed too hard! I spit out my water now it's on my screen!<<<Speaking of water

Funnily enough this happened in the book Uglies and they actually customized how they wanted to look when they hit a certain age

That last comment though

If it hadn't been for cotton eye Joe.I wouldn't be laughing so hard.

Hug jacket << Can I have a hug jacket and an all-bed room

Room is bed. All is bed. Comes with hug jacket.<<"Matress room with a hug jacket!"-Actual thing said by my friend.

That was deeper.

It should actually say "philosophy is wondering if a Bloody Mary is a fruit smoothie." This is so deep even Adele can't roll in it.

So basically, Canada and America are Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively? <-- Dat comment tho

Much more than just America’s hat…

oh my god, these are actually really good questions! I've always thought the satan thing!

It's because Satan isn't punishing them. Hell is where people are separated from God. Satan is a fallen angel who betrayed God, who is also being punished. Satan isn't God and doesn't send but drags people to hell with him