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Guys? Seriously??? Why so adorable and perfect!!!! argh!!! JINWOO!!! puhlease!!!! stop being too cute!!! im loosing my senses here! anyone see my ovaries I think I drop it somewhere? WINNER - '끼부리지마(Don't Flirt)' 0925 M COUNTDOWN

Oh my goodness. LIT. <3 I don't even care much for the first song, bit I do like the second one, and THESE GUYS KNOW HOW TO PERFORM! I just love them. iKON - '취향저격(MY TYPE)' + '덤앤더머(DUMB&DUMBER)' in 2016 Golden Disc Awards

2PM “미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)” Dance Practice Why is Taecyeon doing this?! LOL WHY? JUST WHY? THIS IS SOOO FUNNY!!!! HAHAH

SPEED[스피드] "Don't tease me! [놀리러 간다]" M/V. #Zico brother is the leader of this group!!

Just listen. JUST. LISTEN. G.Soul "You" M/V

O_O .... wow ..... O_O ▶ 【MVフル】2nd Single「ONE SHOT」 - YouTube

The Try Guys Watch K-pop For The First Time • K-pop: Part 1