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Brush Park, Detroit: Historic Mansions & Elite Abandonments

Documented by photographer Kevin Bauman as part of his excellent 100 Abandoned Houses project, the 24-block neighbourhood of Midtown Detroit known as Brush Park.

Vali Racz was a Catholic Hungarian singer who forged a successful career in show business and made many Jewish friends. These friendships led her to hide Jews in her home during the deportations in Hungary- even those she did not know, and she faced grave personal danger as a result of doing so. Find our more about Vali's story... Photo © Monica Porter

Brush Park, Detroit: Historic Mansions & Elite Abandonments

I would SO love to spend some time in Detroit, photographing some of these abandoned neighborhoods.

Brush Park, Detroit: Historic Mansions & Elite Abandonments

Computer paints 'new Rembrandt' after old works analysis

Luxury Daily Sothebys taps executive to oversee all luxury categories Image courtesy of Sothebys Auction house Sothebys is grouping all of its luxury lifestyle activities together with the creation of a new division. The companys Luxury & Lifestyle division will encompass categories such as jewelry and watches wine cars and experiences as well as Sothebys International Realty. To head this new group Sothebys pulled from its own senior management choosing Maarten ten Holder to be the global…

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