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*sobbing* ...literally the saddests parts of the greatest Disney movies.. Disney princess movies may have given us as little girls unrealistic expectations ab romantic relationships but.... The movies that didnt end with a "happily ever after" those were pretty dead on ab goodbyes. Thanks for that Walt! :)

Prepare for an assault on the feels…

The saddest parts of my childhood movies. Aladdin, Toy Story, Lion King, and FOX & THE HOUND!

Disney deaths created so simply but tragically, giving us a sharp taste of reality and sadness in the joyful movies. ALLL THE FEEEEEEELLLLSSS

Disney + death = my heart repeatedly breaking, why in every Disney movie there has to be some type of death in it?

Madame Medusa’s slow, satisfying eyelash peel. | 21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

20 Oddly Satisfying Disney GIFs: Sometimes we need some order in our lives and, thankfully, there are wonderfully satisfying GIFs and photos that give us a feeling of accomplishment even when we don't do anything.

And her one long, sweeping line of eyeliner. | 21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments

And her one long, sweeping line of eyeliner.

21 Oddly Satisfying Disney Moments **I agree with all except for the eyelash peel.

secret obsession of mine -- no, really, i've read loads of fanfics.

The 20 Most Romantic Disney Movie Moments

Hercules I almost forgot how much I love this movie. "I won't say I'm in love." Meg is the best :)

When women start hitting on your man right in front of you. | 24 Disney Comebacks For Every Occasion

When Chicks Start Hitting On Your Man Right In Front Of You. - 24 Perfect Disney Comebacks For Any Situation.

Dumbo visits his Mother.

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