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I don't have problems with the wonderful person I am with, but I have some problems of letting go of the pain the last one left.

Potter Your whole body has a fullness or a gentleness destined for me. When I move my hand up I find in each place a dove that was seeking me, as if they had, love, made you of clay for my own...

Dreams: own a little log cabin next to a lake with mountains play the banjo at Friday night firepits and dances have a pet goat travel around learning how to cook foreign foods try every kind of tea constantly meet new souls

I want to have one. We should do this at our next "Youth group" Outing. :) @Makenzey Burggraff Burggraff Moore @Mikayla Carson Carson Moore

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Sometimes you can never go back, they say that the pages of time overlap. what I would give to turn back just one page, Opportunity is calling me, I think its time for me to go...

I am not a malicious person nor an activist, but I do think honesty is pure and as long as it's done with good motives...people will respect your honesty. Me