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another fail video<3 #janoskians

another fail video♥

Funny tumblr comment on the Janoskians photo

Beau james and daniel sleeping ❤❤ oh and then theres luke 😂

Just another fail video from the Janoksians XD

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when you search "jai brooks" and ariana pops up too. like really , I DIDNT SEARCH WHORE I SEARCHED JAI YOU HAd ONE JOB AND YOU FAILED

Jai brooks trying to beat up beau brooks bc beau walked him in a wall blind folded haha😂 poor jai typical beau

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Daniel Sahyounie James yammouni luke brooks jai brooks beau brooks

Daniel Sahyounie, James Yammouni, Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks, Beau Brooks ♥ I love them so much