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Service Dog Project - Great Danes - That's Oscar here. You can watch the puppies live 24/7 (and as they grow and get trained as service dogs). Fabulous!

Binq Design has come out with the Bloq, a modern living solution for you and your pet.

Giant George: Great Dane Is World's Tallest Dog. At over 245 pounds, George is almost 100 pounds bigger than other Great Danes.

Kitty Litter Parasite Grows In Cat Owners' Brains

Parasite carried by cats shown to cause their owners higher incidents of mental health problems. Easy Health Options, July 9, 2012

5 attack-trained Rottweilers with a history of attacking dogs maul a home healthcare worker, 56yo Lynne Denning , biting her in the face, chest, arms and legs. Her client lived with 29yo Jenna Allen, owner of UKC Hugelhaus Rottweilers. The Rotts previously attacked neighbor Vincent Longo and his husky, Marty, and another Allen dog, a Lab. Allen owns 8 Rottweilers, and is planning a litter for spring. (Dec 2014, CT)

Baking Soda as a Cat Litter Deodorizer I mix a cup of baking soda with a few drops of lavender and keep it in a recycled spice container. I like to sprinkle this baking soda mixture in my cat litter box after I have just scooped it. This helps to freshen the box and make it smell even better! You can also soak an emptied cat litter box in vinegar and water to get the ammonia smell out of the plastic. - The Hippy Homemaker