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Bruce: "So, this all seems horrible." Natasha: "I've seen worse." Bruce: "Sorry." Natasha: "No, we could use a little worse."

He looks kind of surprised. Because normally people are not going to want him to turn into a huge green rage monster.


It's so great to see people who play these characters we love just to be seen as "the lame Dad" by their kids 😂

I'm so elated that someone made this it's soooooooo funny!!

The Daily Asgardian News--Odin was in odinsleep so how can he end it off?

Clark Gregg is my Homie.

Clark Gregg everyone! I walked into my roommates room tonight to talk to her and she's been watching Agent's of S. and she asked me who my favorite Avenger was, I said Coulson, he's been my favorite since the beginning. Clark Gregg is the best.



"You didn't let me bring a real one," Natasha said, plucking the the little thing out of Steve's hands. "You are fresh out of Change-Natasha's-Mind jailfree cards for an entire year."

Because I don't think Cap would actually aim a gun at anyone in public so they'll settle on laser pointer, cause Steve thought "who can tell the difference right?" Plus they won't have the cash to buy that kind of gun anyways so, Hello laser pointer!

Agents of Shield tumblr comp

Agents of Shield tumblr comp

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Civil War Logic

Civil war logic ~ Yes, and Tony is only feeling guilty :/<<<Because of his guilt, they're all paying for their 'crimes.' I find it unfair, but logical in the sense of the word. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

The Tangled Avengers...this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying

The Tangled Avengers.this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying<<<I totally imagined Loki clinking two tiny unicorns together and Steve singing his part more than every other character