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New York City is one like no other. It's nicknamed the "City that never sleeps" because there's literally something to do every second of the day. Some of which cannot be done anywhere else. To get the complete New Yorker experience here are 10 things you must experience in New York. 1. Seeing a...

Ресурс Thrillist создал список лучших американских пригородов больших городов, чтобы показать, что можно работать в метрополии и жить при этом в комфортной небольшой общине неподалеку. При выборе лучших пригородов учитывались такие факторы: Наличие приятных и респектабельных ресторанов и баров, их достаточное количество неподалеку от дома, чтобы избежать надобности ездить за этим в город. Не слишком …

Immerse yourself in history with our London and Paris tours that put you in the path of royalty—past and present. While in London, you'll visit the castles and cathedrals that have borne witness to historical moments both famous and infamous. Then, after a quick trip across the Channel, you'll arrive in Paris, the City of Light, to soak up the art and culture of this timeless metropolis.

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The Palazzo Las Vegas, NV. Beautiful, clean and not over done with decor. Loved staying here.

New York City Weekend For Foodies

Black Tap Milkshakes. New York City Weekend For Foodies

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30 Best NYC Architectural Landmarks to Visit

The Highline is on our list of top New York City architectural landmarks. Read on to see other can't miss spots in Manhattan.