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When in doubt, laugh! Laughter is an amazing medicine. You just have to want it, to get it. You do not have to pay for it, it is in you. There are many benefits to using it often and you can never get too much. Some of the benefits include keeping your stomach and face… Read More

Being kind is the best practice ..! It pays well for everyone and the return is awesome! Kindness energizes and strengthens ..! People want kind people around! Not only that but kind people look younger, feel great and shine bright ..! In Haudenausonee ceremonies we are told often that we are to use kind supportive… Read More

Being myself is the greatest feeling ..! Being proud to share the teachings that have been imparted onto me. I was taught to just be myself … especially in the midst of transition. It was explained that during transition, people learn from their own reflection and sometimes it is not easily accepted. I was told… Read More

Traditional we are taught to live and let live! It is simple. What you enjoy and take pleasure in your life may not be what someone else wants in their life, and that is ok! The greatest pleasures should remain our focus. Contribute to the flow of the strength of humanity! My auntie told me… Read More

Be yourself … the most profound words that my uncle imparted on me before his passing. He told me, ” no matter what, always be yourself. That is when you are the strongest!” These words have guided me, protected me, supported me and now motivate me. By being myself I am able to provides hours… Read More

The times we live in are amazing in many ways! We are in times of monumental change. Change is always good, we all can remember a challenging time that has provided the opportunities needed to grow into the person we are now thankful to be. Our ancestors wished for a time to be heard about… Read More

Starting your morning with a reason to be thankful opens your day to great things happening. When thinking of the greatest things in your life: children; health; abilities; loved ones; memories; celebrations; nature; or just simply your desire to be happy … will bring a smile to your face and a breath of fresh air… Read More

Open your eyes to the possibilities of harmony. It is the optimistic that gets things done! Being pessimistic only serves one purpose, what if! I have been taught that we never know what will happen and because of that we need to live life! Dreams and goals get crushed from someone saying well what if… Read More

I believe in the power of words. I have been taught to share my greatest words. This reminds me of that old saying, ‘if you do not have nothing good to say then do not say anything.’ Our words carrying an energy, a force, and when projected towards someone there will be a reaction. The… Read More

Step out of your comfort zone, you will see it is not so hard. Sometimes we have to trust that we have to do things that we normally would not do. Sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves whether we get the results we want or not. It is taking the courage to listen… Read More

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