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Los batidos de frutas y verduras pueden ser una deliciosa opción para aportar a tu salud los nutrientes esenciales. La mejor manera de evitar ingredientes desconocidos o químicos en tu smoothie es hacerlos tu mismo a base de productos naturales. Todo lo que necesitas es una licuadora, frutas y una base, tal como agua, leche o yogur. Estos batidos nos ayudaran …

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Coffee makes Coffee Lovers smile. Even coffee smiles when coffee is made. Its a coffee thing, Haters could never understand.

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Start making your dreams a reality with a warm cup of coffee in hand

Coffee Stain Typeface by markhossain

Writing coffee with the "coffee cup stains" is nice. The original stain that makes the "C" was probably enlarged to create the "f", overlaid to create the "e". The nice brown color that remind us of real coffee stain.

New, totally revised edition of The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love. Check out the Comfort, Care and Cooking Tips, Lunch-packing Ideas, and Updated Web Resources. We love the color photography and think you will too. The perfect gift for a teen or tween new to braces - snacks, trivia and feel-better-now hints.

New, totally revised edition of The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love.