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The Narwhal - Latin Name : Monodon monoceros Often called “unicorns of the sea”, these amazing creatures are sea mammals, and according to biology’s definition – whales. Yes, the Monodontidae family consists of two species – the beluga whale and the horned narwhal. They can be found in the Arctic waters near Greenland. The name narwhal is derived from the Danish narhval, which in turn features the Old Norse word nar meaning corpse. That’s related to their color mostly.

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Camels - Dromedary, Guanaco, Bactrian Camel, Vicuna - Vintage 1980s Book Plate Page

Animal Classification Flip Book and Poster Set from Chrissie Rissmiller on - (18 pages) - Flip book and posters to teach your students about six different animal classifications including birds, fish, amphibians, insects, mammals, and reptiles

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Friday Flashback Linky: Place Value & Animal Classification Groups

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Elephants, Pikas - 1972 Vintage Encyclopedia Print Book Page 2 Sided