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“We and the Germans met in the middle of no-man’s-land.”

Sikh Soldier in World War I, A church service for Canadian troops near the fighting line in Flanders guarded by a Sikh soldier. Title: Peace in the Midst of War Artist: Frank Gillett c.1915, The Graphic, Jan. 23, 1915 issue. To see more artwork like this visit the Exhibit - The Art of War

In WWII, letters from home were deemed the biggest factor to morale by the US military. The average soldier wrote 6 letters a week.

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“Christmas in the Trenches, 1914: in the midst of one of the most vile wars ever to occur, there is a Christmas Day to treasure. The Germans seemed to make the first move, delivering a chocolate cake to the British line on the evening of December 24th, accompanied by a note proposing a ceasefire so that the Germans could have a concert. The British accepted the proposal and offered tobacco as their present to the Germans.” #WWI #Christmas #History

German soldier opens a spontaneous truce on Christmas Eve, 1914, by approaching British lines with a small Christmas tree.