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Hey! I'm Thomas. Erm... I rather hang out with food than any of you.. Meaning, I'm socially awkward as hell and very very sarcastic. Oh, I'm a wolfieeeeee *grinned sweetly*

"Reflections Of A Man" is now available on Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks***you initite schitzoprenia and expect me to have anything to do with you? You are EVIL. This world is far better without people like you and ur thick mob in it. If u are going to fuck with peoples mental health in what is a MAJOR way,u really should be either in prison for the rest of your life or ahell of alot more skilled-to know when someone says no,its no YOUEVIL PIECE OF SHIT. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING OF UR…

G with more white space than letter! #design #typography Great use of gestalt and white space while incorporating initials or a logo. It's recognizable as a G even without several of its elements because of the brain's capacity to fill in the implied lines. Amazing!

from Nourished Kitchen

Fermented, Probiotic Honey Lemonade Soda

This fermented, probiotic lemonade is lightly sweetened with honey, loaded with gut-friendly beneficial bacteria and is naturally fizzy. Super easy to make, too!