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Ten incredible and mysterious places around the world untouched by mankind (Cool Photography Nature)


I don't know why, but I love hot air balloons so much! Hot air balloons flying low over the Rio Grande River just after sunrise, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico .

the new mast brothers shop sells more than just chocolate: cool cookbooks and delicious sweets, too. #chocolatefactory #williamsburg #brooklyn

Brick brick and MORE BRICK! the new mast brothers shop sells more than just chocolate: cool cookbooks and delicious sweets, too.

a beach in the Albanian city of Durres

A beach in the Albanian city of Durres. Durrës is the second largest city in Albania located on the central Albanian coast, about 33 km west of the capital Tirana. It is one of the most ancient and economically significant cities of Albania.

The Grand Place of Brussels, Belgium

Top 10 Most Fascinating Photos For Travel Lovers

The Carpet of Flowers -Brussels, Belguim Been To Brussels- this is Grand Place.didn't get to see the carpet of flowers but this place is incredible to see anyway!

New York kind of has a way of sneaking into your soul leaving you in a New York State of mind I love my big apple miss it all the time I leave

Central Park in autumn, looking East from The Oliver Cromwell (Upper West Side) / Image courtesy the Central Park Conservancy -----> I visited in October. not quite fall, but still pretty incredible.

Stone Street is a street in Manhattan’s Financial District. It originally ran from Broad Street to Hanover Square, but was divided into two sections by the construction of the Goldman Sachsbuilding at 85 Broad Street in the 1980s.

Here is a place I haven't been.but would love to cross off my list. Stone street for dinner. One of my top five favorite streets in Manhattan, New York City.

Bahce girisi

Shapiro Malibu House House of Turquoise: Balfoort Architecture + Beach Chic Design greek, garden restaurant Great gift - banana bread, honey.

Never forget

Lights of Twin Towers at Ground Zero, NY We went to New York when my boys were thirteen. It was a fantastic vacation! We were touched by ground zero, and we all want to return to see it now.

Funny pictures about The mysterious island of Socotra. Oh, and cool pics about The mysterious island of Socotra. Also, The mysterious island of Socotra.

100 ft tear drop memorial on a New Jersey peninsula that views New York City. This was a gift to the American people sculpted by Zurab Tsereteli as an official gift of the Russian government as a memorial to the victims of 9/11. At the base engraved in stone are the names of every person lost. We should’ve seen more coverage on this, but as always, the American media focuses on the negative and replays the horrible details of that day. #ifyoudidntknownowyouknow

The Teardrop monument in New York. Around the base of The Teardrop were the names of all those who died on – including 26 Russians. In fact the monument was a gift – an expression of grief – from the people of Russia to the US and officially named '