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Serpentina (1908-?) The Serpent Lady Serpentina was born with no bones in her body besides her skull and a few in her arms.

Medusa Van Allen (1908-1943) The Sunshine Girl After she was born, Van Allens bones never grew,(only her head) making it impossible to even sit up. She exhibited with Ripleys in the 1930s (pitch booklet)

Phineas Gage holding the railroad spike that went through his eye socket and out the back of his head in 1848. Gage survived, but with an altered personality, making this a landmark case in the history of neurology.

Two Faced skull. This looks fully adult with adult dentition. That meand this person survived, possibly past 18 years of age.

Rhinoplasty. Loss of nose due to an injury, and replacement by a finger in 1880. Surgery by Dr. E. Hart, photo by OG Mason, both of Bellevue Hospital, NY.

Historic Newspapers | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Charleston Mercury Extra dated 12.20.1860 - rare broadside "Extra" on South Carolina's secession from the Union

Wenseslao Moguel was sentenced to death by being shot by a police squad. He was shot 9 times, including a shot to the head by a squad commander in close proximity to ensure his death. Somehow, he survived and escaped to his village to enjoy the rest of his life. The photo was taken in 1937 on the radio show Ripley's Believe It or Not, where Moguel showed marks of bullets which penetrated his head from close range ..!