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Island of Sark, Channel Islands, Normandy, France

Beautiful aerial view of Sark

Sark's 'half-baked' democracy challenged

Plans for Sark to abandon its feudal system in favour of democracy are to be challenged in court after it emerged that the island's unelected overlord will retain many of his powers.

Window in the Rock, Sark

Images of Sark by wildlife film-maker & photographer Sue Daly

Sark, Channel Islands

Sark, Channel Islands

Sunset Seen From Sark

let your imagination wonder A Gallery of images to inspire you from the beautiful Sark Island.

The Post Office on Sark, The Channel Islands

A rather remote post office on the island of Sark in the Channel Islands on the anniversary visit

Sark Bays

Sark Bays

Port Du Moulin. Sark, Channel Islands

Port Du Moulin. Sark, Channel Islands

Beach on Sark, Channel Islands

7 Best Islands in the UK - You Have to Visit!

My favorite places to travel in Britain are the islands.

#ClippedOnIssuu from Isle of Sark Shipping's Essential Summer Guide

Isle of Sark Shipping's Essential Summer Guide

#ClippedOnIssuu from Isle of Sark Shipping's Essential Summer Guide

Sark Island coastal walk, the island has a coastline of over 30 miles with the occasional pub along the way, making it a pretty pleasant walking destination

The United Kingdom, The Channel Islands image gallery - Cyclists on La Coupee; narrow isthmus that connects Big Sark to Little Sark.

Sark Methodist Church

Sark Methodist Chapel as featured on An Island Parish; a small congregation with a big heart for serving the community.

Sark is one of the Channel islands just off the Normandy coast.

Sark is the crown jewel of the Channel Islands and offers a truly unique holiday experience for those wanting to escape the bright lights and noise of the city.