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Get to know Enlightium's Chief Administrator ~ Learning to be a Christian mother has been a journey. I learned that with love, gentleness,......

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Being a Gentle and Joyful Mom

Source If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know that I am pretty open about my struggles. One of the areas that I struggle with the most is being too harsh and angry with my kids. A while ago, I wrote about my journey in this area in a post called “Overcoming Harshness …

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How To Re-engage Your Child When Learning At Home

Great blog article for homeschoolers on how to re-engage children when learning at home. #christianhomeschool

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Tips for Teaching Your Children to Budget at Any Age

Learning how to budget and to think about long-term financial goals are very valuable lessons your child will carry over into adulthood.

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A Christian Parent’s Guide To Understanding Video Games Effects

Video games effects have long been debated in the Christian community. This is a helpful guide to understanding them.

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Tips For Raising Children That Get Along With Others

Christian parents are going to love these tips for raising children that get along with others. #kindness


5 DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Spend A Day with Mom

You don't have to wait for Mother's Day to have a fun-filled family day. Check out these five DIY ideas!


The Crazy Stressors of Eating in a School Cafeteria

Principles that Allow for Growth in Gods Will Pin

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Why There's No Better Time to Understand Why You Are Unhappy With Your Current School

why theres no better time to understand why you are unhappy with current school

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How To React When Your Child Says, "I'm Dumb"

It is hard to know how to react when your child says, ‘I’m dumb’. However, this is an opportunity to provide truly meaningful support for your child. Click here to find out more.