Amazing Superheroes Evolution

Superhero TV and movie costume progression. Makes you wonder what our heroes will look like 50 years from now.

FLASH от ComicCollageArt на Etsy

The Flash is the fastest man alive. The protector of Central City and Keystone City, fighting against evil using his super-speed and a dedicated sense of heroism. His legacy, the Flash Family, spans throughout history tapping into the enigmatic Speed Forc

It’s Lantern vs. Lantern as John Stewart battles Hal Jordan for leadership of the Corps. After the devastating events of “Lights Out,” John is determined to rebuild the Corps as he sees fit—even if it

Green Lantern Corps (2011) Issue #26

van-jensen: “December solicitations are up, which means a first look at the cover (by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo) of Green Lantern Corps Here’s what the solicits say: “ It’s Lantern vs.

Marvel + DC

Marvel + DC

[Amalgamation= the process in which separate organizations unite to form a larger organization or group, or an organization or group formed in this way] Marvel + DC IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? But hey "Bat-Spider" that's me if you add Lady Darth :D

Batman and Robin Eternal (2015) Issue #22..............!!!!

Batman and Robin Eternal (2015) Issue #22

alcaantaraas: “Batman & Robin Eternal covers by Carlo Pagulayan ”

DC Collectibles: Batman Metallic Mini Statue by Jim Lee

DC Collectibles: Batman Metallic Mini Statue by Jim Lee

Based on the art of Jim Lee. Sculpted by Tim Bruckner. This miniature statue of Batman standing ever-vigilant atop a gargoyle over Gotham City is painted in an