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Explore Palestinian Pottery, Ceramic Lid and more!

Ancient glass pitcher, circa 2nd - 4th century CE. Syro-Palestinian coast, possibly Sidon. Image courtesy of Honolulu Academy of Art.

From Jerusalem, an ancient Biblical Iron Age terracotta oil lamp with burning marks' Soot" on the nozzle Dated from, 1200 - 980 BC

Archaeologists claim to have unearthed King David's palace in the city where he battled Goliath in the biblical tale

A display of some of the 600 ceramic vessels found at Khirbet Qeiyafa, alongside King David's 10th century BCE palace

A Palestinian worker carries newly made pottery, to be dried at pottery workshop in Gaza City

Tower of Jericho. 8.5 meters tall, pre-pottery neolithic age (8000 BC). Discovered by Kathleen Kenyon during excavations from 1952-1958. the tower's purpose is not known for certain but it is part of a massive defense structure unique to Jericho in this period.

Ian Snow Green Palestinian Birdy Plate by Ian Snow Ltd,