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Ancient glass pitcher, circa 2nd - 4th century CE. Syro-Palestinian coast, possibly Sidon. Image courtesy of Honolulu Academy of Art.

An old pottery tile from damascus estimated at £2000 by Christies.

Woman's headdress ('shatweh'/money hat). From Palestine, ca. 1930s/40s. Worn only by married women and widows in the Jerusalem - Bethlehem area. Wool, silk, metal and glass. (©British Museum).

A Palestinian pottery worker is putting final touches on a earthenware vase at his traditional pottery factory in the West Bank city of Hebron, October 7, 2003

Poster for Palestinian Cultural Exhibition, Melbourne 1991 featuring a Syrian/Palestinian dress from the innovative ANAT workshop in Damascus, sold at the Palestinian Cultural Exhibition as a traditional Palestinian design.

Traditional headpieces from Ramallah (Palestine), ca. 1900. Such 'smadeh' is a horseshoe-shaped headpiece padded roll with a row of large silver coins attached, called saffe. The 'smadeh' was embroidered in cross-stitch and covered with a veil called 'khirkah'. A chin-chain is usually suspended from each side of the 'smadeh' with an ornamental coin hanging beneath the chin" (Palestine Heritage Foundation).

Ancient Resource: Ancient Biblical-Period Artifacts from the Holy Land. These ancient lamp designs are perfect for developing Chrismons.