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After rain#Lady Bug

ANSWER: Ladybugs do eat whiteflies. More Info: There are plenty of beneficial insects that will feed upon whiteflies and ladybugs are one of them.

Lady Bugs :-) The only bug I <3  they bring good luck to those who find them :-)

entomologists study bugs Ladybug common name: ladybirds, lady beetles, ladybugs [of Florida] scientific name: (Insecta: Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

these little things always make me happy...a few people do too but every ladybird manages it every time! if i die im coming back as one...you will have the bestest   garden i promise!

a few people do too but every ladybird manages it every time!you will have the bestest garden i promise!


Close up of a Ladybird resting on a flower

Ladybug on crocus. More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Crocus flowers are a wonderful sign that spring is finally here. A ladybug was perched on one the many crocus flowers in my front flower bed. **SECOND PLACE TIE**"Spring is here" contestMarch PLACE**"Happiest Ladybug in your Collection" contestMay 2015

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ladybug I had to pin it, after all those asian beetles I forgot what a real ladybug looks like!

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image of a lady bird formy colouring book research board for Insects.