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Full House opening credits (1987-1995

This was one of our fave shows. 1995 was the year Alex was born, too... <3 On May 23, 1995, the last episode of Full House aired after 8 seasons.

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Top Ten: British Comedy #4 – Fawlty Towers

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20 TV Shows From The '90s You Never Realized Had A Soundtrack

"Allison, please, don't!" He begs as I watch him hold her body. She chokes out an "I'm sorry" and he pushes back tears. Watching him in so much pain breaks my heart. He looks down at her wound where the knife was and widens his eyes. "Allison don't please!!" He begs and shakes her slightly while she closes her eyes. "No!!" He screams and bends over her body his own shaking as he cries. No one moves or goes closer. We all stand frozen with overwhelming sadness and despair as we watch our Luna…