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Dutch artist Telmo Pieper had the idea to recreate his own childhood drawings into realistic versions 20 years later using Photoshop. The Kiddie Arts series shows all kinds of weird animals and reveals the incredible imagination of children!. ArtQuid Team

"DEAR MORTAL, YOUR RAINBOW IS PUNY. LOVE, MANTIS SHRIMP" Harlequin Mantis Shrimp | by p@ragon. http://www.empiricalzeal.com/2012/06/05/the-crayola-fication-of-the-world-how-we-gave-colors-names-and-it-messed-with-our-brains-part-i/

Wunderpus Photogenicus, a spectacular octopus with a terrific name has long arms, small eyes on elongated stalks and a pattern which is unique to each individual.

Red Spotted Rockskipper aka - Blue-dashed Rockskipper (Blenniella periophtalmus) This small blenny is only about 3 cm long, and has found himself a home in a hole under encrusting corals. Picture taken in Kume jima, a small island close to Okinawa, Japan, 3 m deep, on top of a very lively reef. #LIFECommunity From Pin Board #17

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