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Sea Slugs by Keita Kosoba: Chromodoris pallescens, C.tinctoria, Jorunna parva, Goniobranchus aureopurpureous, Hypselodoris festiva, Dendrodoris guttata, Limacia ornata #Nudibranch

"DEAR MORTAL, YOUR RAINBOW IS PUNY. LOVE, MANTIS SHRIMP" Harlequin Mantis Shrimp | by p@ragon.

Wunderpus Photogenicus, a spectacular octopus with a terrific name has long arms, small eyes on elongated stalks and a pattern which is unique to each individual.

Red Spotted Rockskipper aka - Blue-dashed Rockskipper (Blenniella periophtalmus) This small blenny is only about 3 cm long, and has found himself a home in a hole under encrusting corals. Picture taken in Kume jima, a small island close to Okinawa, Japan, 3 m deep, on top of a very lively reef. #LIFECommunity From Pin Board #17