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Peek-a-bug! Eyes can see you!..This damselfly thought it had cleverly hid itself behind a blade of grass at a British lake - but it failed to realise its eyes could be seen poking out either side. The bright blue bug concealed its two-inch-long body and transparent wings by clinging onto the grass with its black legs..But photographer Tony Flashman spotted the common blue damselfly's piercing eyes at Fordwich Lakes, Kent

Even insects feel shy sometimes. Deal, Kent-based photographer Tony Flashman captured this awesome image of a bashful damselfly playing peek-a-boo from behind a blade of grass in the meadows at Fordwich Lakes, near Canterbury, Kent. “‘This little fly.


I want a crazy owl pet so bad! We can upside down face together!

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She watched for the rainbow chameleon during the tour of the island's rain forest.(Rainbow Chameleon by AnimalExplorer).

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In this Sept. 1, 2008, photo released by Wildlife Conservation Society, a male forest elephant strides across Langoue Bai, Gabon.

Elephant Poaching Pushes Species To Brink Of Extinction

A bull male forest elephant strides across Langoue Bai, Gabon. A new study published in the online journal PLOS ONE shows that African forest elephants are being poached into extinction. Photo credit: Elizabeth M.

Blue Iguana by Angi Wallace

Blue Iguana by Angi Wallace

Mockingbird's Hilarious Dive Bomb

This Deer Is Us Dancing into the Weekend

Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari thinks these two birds may very well be a married couple.because they're squawking like one.