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from 9GAG

Spongebob & Patrick: Human version

Just in case the recent trailer with CG Spongebob characters wasn't enough, Chinese artist XiaozuoZ, possibly inspired by the same trailer, decided to redraw the main characters as humans.

Spongebob is very special to me. It's special to me because my little sisters first word was spongebob. Even though it didn't sound like she was saying spongebob we know that's what she was saying. It also still my little sister Breanna's favorite show today. And she is now turning 4 on April 22nd.

Me and my dad love spongebob. The older seasons anyway. There's no cable at dads so he's never seen the new ones. I have but I throw up when exposed to the newer seasons. What happened man? Spongebob used to be funny. Now it's just creepy and stupid like every other cartoon nowadays.