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The Buried Life = 4 guys on a mission to complete a list of things to do before you die and to help others go after their lists. We post things that inspire us. Coffee for your eyes. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE?

pronunciation | 'noc-tU-er-E

words dreams night thoughts n Events definitions journal english record noun otherwordly other-wordly origin: latin noctuary record of one night

self life m words heart word mind Change living definitions definition english change your mind noun origin: greek otherwordly unusual words strange words weird words lovely words Change of Heart way of life

japanese believe words true word honest definitions definition h belief culture true to yourself noun otherwordly other-wordly unusual word unusual words honne what one truly believes true belief strange word strange words

Syllabification: vul·pine.                                                                                         Pronunciation: ˈvəlˌpīn.                                                                                                                                                                                                              ...

Definition: of or relating to a fox or foxes. "Karl gave a vulpine smile" Origin: early century: from Latin vulpinus, from vulpes ‘fox.

(n.) beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance

adoxography - beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance. So, instead of an autobiography, I'd write an adoxography!

We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own.

pronunciation | ‘moot-er-“zE-len-‘al-lIn (al as in ally) words, definitions, german, adjective, origin: german, origin: french, alone, desert, alone in the desert, tagging is hard guys, word, definition, unusual words, weird words, M, mutterseelenallein

mutterseelenallein - utterly alone "as of refugees torn from their home countries" -- alone in the desert