Explore Visit Australia, Sydney Australia, and more!

bucket list bucket-list

England, Scotland or Germany would be great places to check out some castles. Would LOVE to see Highclere Castle before my time is done.

Done- i always give more than I recieve and i enjoy it.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of the year! I love, love, love seeing people get excited by what I've bought them . it makes you feel quite amazing

Before I die.... I'm working on this one!

Learn to play the piano. I am moved by classical music and have such a heart for it. It would be my dream to learn to play the piano and learn to play it very good.

Visit http://www.idharvest.my.id

New Seven Wonders of the World vs. Ancient Seven Wonders Have been to Niagra Falls multiple times =)

Buckst list

Visit every major city in the united states. I especially want to go to New Orleans, LA and New York

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