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"Stress level: Troy choosing between singing and basketball."

51 Pics Guaranteed To Make "High School Musical" Fans Laugh

Crude but humorous version of "let it go"... credit given for clever rhyme!

Just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on . A Wise Person p. kaity we still didn't make a bucket :)

So today we were scrimmaging in basketball and I didnt know what team I was on. I kept asking "What team" PEOPLE KEPT RESPONDING WILDCATS LIKE SERIOUSLY I NEED TO KNOW WHO TO PASS THE BALL TO

In High School Musical how does Troy not realize that his teammates have a webcam on him like how dumb are you

Kentucky Basketball: 109 years of dominance. Let 110 begin!  In case you're confused on why I love UK Basketball.

kentucky-basketball-infographic---I miss the ky like crazy! Who graduates? worst idea ever.

#Feds #Charge 10 in Crackdown on #College Basketball Kickbacks...

Top NCAA Programs Embroiled in Kickback Scandal

#Feds #Charge 10 in Crackdown on #College Basketball Kickbacks...