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An outside look at the east wall which Ed brought with him from Florida City. On the other side of the wall is Ed's bathtub and another 6 pointed star.

Another pics of the east end of the Coral Castle complex. I'm actually standing right in front of 6 pointed star above Ed's bathtub pointing toward the bedroom area.

This image has a lot in it as well. The North Wall with the "Crown" can be seen to the left. The triangular piece missing from the Crown was used by Ed to make the "eye piece" for the Polaris telescope. The Throne Room is to the right with the planets Mars and Venus. The Crescent of the East is also visible with Ed's Well right below it.

Outside look at the east wall behind the Throne Room. The famous "Crescent of the East" is in the center of the image.

This chair was brought from Florida City, made from the smooth layered oolite coral at that site. The Coral Castle pamphlets mention that the chairs look "molded" because there are no chisel marks visible.

Feast of Love Table - the largest Valentine in the world! Again, from the Florida City site. Ed moved this in 1937 to Homestead.

The Florida Table complete with several 1000 pound rocking chairs. Like the star shaped table at the Grotto of the Three Bears, this also has a water "dish" in it, representing Lake Okeechobee. Ed actually wanted to have the Governor of Florida meet with Senators and Representatives to figure out how to raise taxes! The famous "Polaris Telescope" and eye piece are to the right.