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Larry Fine recommends two fried eggs to the customer who wants creamed chipped beef on toast instead. | Of Cash and Hash (1955), a Three Stooges short produced and directed by Jules White; distributed by Columbia Pictures

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When Jensen is rocking out to Eye of the Tiger

Danny Devito: a hollywood man w/ the down-the-street-kind-of-guy personality. Handsome smile.

Can we just talk about Martin Freeman? Like, we all just accept that John is so moved. We all go "awwww." But we can only do that because Martin Freeman is sitting there like a pro, BEING John Watson, making him real.

So does that mean that if I write some DW fanfic I will grow up to be the doctor's companion?

"The destiny of a great prat rests on the shoulders of a young idiot" - And it did for 5 seasons - way too short.

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tyler posey and dylan sprayberry. ❤️❤️❤️