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Blessed Amng Women 5x7 Print by Simon Dewey

from Society6

Freda Art Print by Sofia Bonati

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sofia Bonati is a self-taught illustrator currently living in UK. She creates delicate female portraits combined with textures and patterns. There's always something imaginative and mysterious in her works, and when you look at them the first thing that caughts your attention is the deep and thoughtful look of the women.

from AnOther

Top 10 Left Handers

Here are some great left handers (David Bowie among them) to make company to the greatest of them all, my Englishman <3


The remains of the human race live in a glass dome with no entrance or exit, which protects them from the wasteland on the outside. One morning a dusty hand print appears on the outside.


Moonbeams Jessie Wilcox Smith


Puzzle Pieces Prayer Station Idea. Hold the puzzle piece Are you willing to let Jesus hold the pieces of your life today? Talk to Him about that… Take Home a Puzzle Piece Let this be a reminder that Jesus is in control And He is holding all things together He is holding you too - I have lots of random jigsaw pieces

from Society6

Destiel1 Art Print by Linneart

You know, it's fanart like this that doesn't have them just going at each other with lips, an teeth and tongue that makes me fall in love with the ship all over again :) it's just the simplicity of them in this art.


Jimi. Like a guitar player from another planet Defined the guitar and how to take it to extreme Levels . I first heard Are you experienced My friend worked at his record company and gave me a copy it was in mono , I took it home and put it on I could not believe the level of playing I was convinced he was from the future , and that future is way beyond now .steve turner


Maya blue is the brilliant long-lasting pigment that coloured the Maya world and is one of just a handful of man-made pigments known to the ancient world. It had special significance to the Maya , and was associated with sacrifice and Maya deities, including the rain god Chaak.


As you retire to rest, give your soul and God a time together and commit your life to God with a conscious peace for the hours of sleep, and deep profound developments will go on in the spirit, soul and body by the kind creating hand of our God. (Oswald Chambers)