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Life is an echo; what you send out comes back.


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A warmth, peace and love, can and may radiate from you.  Because God's light and love will fill you. Invite god into your heart, repent of your sins. You'll be so grateful you did

The past is like an anchor holding us back; You have to let go of who you are to become who you will be. (meaning behind why i want an anchor tattoo(: )

Yep....no matter how much you try to bring us down, we are always on top :) Our lives will ALWAYS BE BETTER

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My life will be awesome and there's nothing you can do to keep that from happening. You can join me and assist me in making my life awesome or you can just go away and take your negativity with you~~My life WILL be awesome!

Imagine a world where...

don't take things so damn seriously. just live a good life, appreciate what you have and go do epic shit. the end.



And by time it grows on you and becomes somehow kinda habit

We all feel a little fucked up sometimes. Just don't let it be for too long.

Obviously that person hasn't had the (in)famous Lean Cuisine taquitos!

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Lean Cuisine-so true. Though I enjoy a LC for lunch from time to time.

I didn't get beat, cuz I was a good kid, but omg so true!