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Full Fathom Five: A Novel of the Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone,

In the decades since the human race first made contact with the Spiders--a machine race capable of tearing planets apart--the two groups have fought over interstellar territory. But the war has not been going well for humankind, and with the failure of the Fleet Admiral's secret plan in the Shadow system, the commander is overthrown by a group of hardliners determined to get the war back on track.

Theo, star pilot wannabe and troubled misfit has been accepted, against all her expectations, to Anlingdin. It's the Hogwarts of star piloting academies, and Theo has been selected to train there with the best-of-the-best. Even better - she can finally leave behind the gawky, misfit days of teenage angst her previous life so "complicated" before. Great Liaden star pilots are born with a bang and not a whimper-and Theo has set a course to graduate from misfit to genuine maverick.

Having encountered the Krag before, Commander Max Robicheaux now faces daunting challenges: the dangers from the enemy without…and clashes with crew and superiors within. Meanwhile, Doctor Sahin receives a message summoning him to a secret meeting that aims to change the balance of power in Known Space. Both men must call upon their developing skills and growing friendship to bear the burden of carrying between the Krag Hegemony and the Earth Union a fateful ultimatum.

Space is magical too. Waiting for a good book to come out in paperback so it does not break my wrist when I read it is like waiting for Christmas. Well to me it is! #indigo #magicalholiday.

The Lost Stars: Imperfect Sword by Jack Campbell-The wait is over. New York Times bestselling author Jack Campbell continues his action-packed spin-off to The Lost Fleet series as the Syndicate's civil war threatens to spread even farther into the final frontier ... President Gwen Iceni and GeneralArtur Drakon have successfully liberated the Midway Star System-but the former rulers of the Syndicate Worlds won't surrender the region without a fight. The dictatorial regime has ordered the.....

When Luke's estranged father dies, he leaves his son a dark inheritance: a collection of eight restless spirits who want revenge. Halloween is fast approaching, and Luke knows the ghosts are planning something far more trick than treat. Armed with only his father’s indecipherable notes, a locked copy of The Book of Eight, and help from school outcast Elza, Luke has13 days to uncover the closely guarded secrets of black magic or join their ghostly ranks himself. 9780763678654/14 & up #ghosts