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Bible art journaling, illustrated faith. Psalm 91:4 I love the thought of finding refuge under the wings and feathers of God. By Lynn Egigian

Try a Prayer Journaling Bible & LinkUp

Basically this is a Bible that has a wider margin where you can take notes, however there are some ladies who have taken this idea to a new level and are basically art journaling in their Bibles. Description from I searched for this on

Day 15 of #30DaysofNoteworthyTruth is Matthew 11:28. Halfway there and learning so much everyday about God and His Word!! Happy Friday!! #noteworthyTruth

I wonder where you can get a bible that has this much room for artwork. Most of these types of bibles don't really give you a whole lot of extra room to draw on. (720×960)

Illustrated faith, Bible art journaling. Mark 1:14 Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. By Lynn Egigian

Luke 18:14, May 11, 2016,, watercolor, Illustrated Faith pen, bible art journaling, bible journaling, illustrated faith