Lana Turner - Billy Wilkerson of The Hollywood Reporter found her sipping a Coke in a drugstore and was so taken by her he blurted out that standard Hollywood line, "How'd you like to be in pictures?". Her first role, sure enough, had her in a tight skirt and even tighter sweater sitting at a drugstore counter.

Follow Bela Lugosi's acting career from Hungary, to German and, finally, to the U.S. tells you why he made a memorable Count Dracula.

Dolores Costello married John Barrymore in 1928. They are Drew Barrymore's grandparents. John said of Dolores, "I just laid eyes upon the most preposter-ously lovely creature in all the world. She walked into the studio like a charming child, slender and shy and golden-haired. Never saw such radiance. I knew she was the one I had been waiting for all my life."

Academy Award-winning actress Joan Fontaine is remembered for roles in <i>Rebecca</i> and <i>Suspicion</i>, and for having a longstanding feud with sister Olivia de Havilland. Learn more at

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