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While each of the Thirteen Colonies, destined to become the United States, had its own unique history and development, common features and patterns emerged in their governments. Description from I searched for this on

Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator was born on the 5 March 1512. Here is a map of the British Isles from Mercator’s Atlas of Europe. This atlas is the most important surviving body of Mercator's work in a single volume. >>> Such a pity that Mercator is best known only for his map projection, and not for the fact that he was arguably the single most important cartographer of the 16th century. But I guess that's fame for you.

Sanson, Nicolas, 1600–1667. “De Molukkische Eilanden, Celebes, Gilolo, enz.” Copperplate map, with added color, 18 × 24 cm. From Sanson’s Geographische en historische beschryvingh der vier bekende werelds-deelen . . . (Utrecht, 1683). Reference: Parry, Cartography of the East Indian Islands, plate 5.26

Beautiful map of the Americas was originally published in 1550 by famed German cartographer Sebastian Münster