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"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too." - Kristen Martz This quote is on the back of my business card!

Inspired by horses, horse quotes. Be inspired to ride quietly, to listen softly and love completely.

"Be inspired to ride quietly, to listen softly, and love completely." *This doesn't just have to be with horses, it can be spiritual too. You can listen softly, and love God completely.

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Mounted art print x is of a pigtailed little girl in summer sundress, with horse. Entitled The Kiss by Lesley Harrison; with quote from I Corinthinans Love is patient, Love is kind. Made in the USA. Love is Patient Mounted Print by Lesley Harrison

Teaching children that it is ok to oppress and force others against their will. Horse riding is cruel. An industry which breeds and discards hundreds of millions of horses when they are no longer of any use. Horses are. Ot property. No animal is.

So True.A stubborn pony is one of the best teachers a little girl can have. So thankful for all the stubborn ponies of my past :) Wouldn't be the rider i am today without them thats for sure!

Especially the memories associated with childhood on the Margaret Road before it was paved. and growing up in the country. other dirt roads that were a part of my childhood.Sanie Road, Black Jack Road and Roulaine Road. Memories of all.

Rottenecards - I RIDE HORSES: I haul 50 lb. sacks of feed, and 75 lb. bales of hay all the time. I use pitch forks, yell at lb. animals and move them out of my way, whenever I want to. You are not a problem to me!

Chocolate palomino!

STUNNING Roping Horse, He seriously has my entire horse-wish-list, right down to the tack!

You play football? That's cute. lol. I love equestrian humor. Because most of the time I'm like "been there, done that." Funny how it takes an equestrian to truly appreciate the equestrian humor. Non-equestrians just wouldn't really get it, even if you explained it.

" And they tell me horseback riding isn't a sport. Football has its protective gear.horseback riding has a helmet only. Try and tell me horseback riding isn't a sport.

Winston Churchill Understood The Lessons And Strength A Horse Can Give You. Reconnect With Your #soulself.  #horseshealhearts

Winston Churchill understood the lessons and strength a horse can give you. Reconnect with your <<<----- Helps when its a friesian.

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I've been a competitive athlete since I was Riding is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's also the most fun and the most rewarding. So true !

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Hold on to what makes you happy. If it tries to buck you off, hold on even tighter.