Eva Tornado. Dark Side: Give Me The Night

Eva Tornado. Dark Side: Give Me The Night

when i take  the  world  i  will be the piarte king

the edge of the ovean lies beyond where the pirate queen and the pirate king fight over the waters as if the waves were a thing to be owned, but the ocean is only possessed by itself, a mind of it's own

Depression can be suffocating, sapping you of the joy life once brought.

Pictures To Help You Visualize What Depression Is Really Like

Blending into the background: Edward's face is blurred or covered in all of the haunting black and white photos, which are meant to portray the helplessness felt by someone who is battling a mood disorder

novel could be after the revolution maybe, flashbacks to during the revolution, many of the people in the flashback are now dead

Girl wearing gown

Irina Dzhul is a Ukrainian professional photographer from Kiev. She has thousands of fans all around the world, her pictures have millions of views. Irina’s photos are full of magic and beauty.


black-white-madness: The Becoming Photography: Brendan Zhang Assisted by Fariz J Hair & Makeup: Joanna Koh Model: Margaret White

Top 10 Artistic Black And White Female Portraits

Top 10 Artistic Black And White Female Portraits

Diane Arbus. Self-portrait.

Diane Arbus' photo also stood out to me because some photos are not composed ike this, the subject all the way to one side and the person covering their whole face. However I like this photo in which she seems to be hiding her insecurities.