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Fascinating! fMRI is more and more moving from just a showy, adolescent form of brain study to REAL analysis of how our brains work. This could and most likely WILL be a game-changer for EVERYTHING ... every problem we've ever had with our brains.

REVEALED: Pluto's 3.5-mile high ice volcano that means dwarf planet may hold alien life

SCIENTISTS believe a monstrous 3.5-mile high ice mountain on Pluto could be a volcano that may still be active.

Exercise your frontal AND parietal lobes with this teaser: Quickly, count the number of times the number “6” appears. Then, count the total of both 3s and 7s, trying to add the total number of both as you see either (that is, don’t just count all the 3s, and then the 7s). When you're done, click through to the web page to get the answer from the comment section!

A perfect cube that once measured one foot on a side is now resized to measure twice the surface area of the original. Find the volume of the larger cube. (Click through for hints and the solution!)

A Fossilized, Four-Chambered Dinosaur Heart Found in South Dakota, USA - May Indicate Warm-Bloodedness