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One glass of wine will make your liver explode. (Yep, it´s been tested). It´s dangerous to drink, eat and breathe. Remember not to live, you can die at a really young age. Yours sincerely, God.

After the success of Wine… It pairs perfectly with Christmas!, A collection of fun wine images and A great collection of wine infographics, I thought I'd create a new post as a way to store away a ...

This applies to me for sure, does it apply to you? Cheers! | Wine Humor | Wine Memes

Black kitchen inspiration (French By Design)

Today, I am loving (mais alors beaucoup) this set of tables found at restaurant U Barba in Milan. I’ve been having a serious crush on raw wooden pieces lately [although I wouldn’t mind the pendant industrial lights either!]. {via U Barba}

I would like to have this on my wall in the basement after I get it fixed up (Yes...... Let's!!!)