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The true wonder of this lamp is in its playfulness. Each lamp consists of three ties that can be manipulated. Anyone can reshape them with a flick of the hand and sculpture his own personal lamp. Looks good as a group, suitable as atmosphere lighting and as bar light.

The Flower Veneer Lampshade is based on the memory of weaving warp and weft from palm branches. A ceiling lamp shade, in the shape of a flower, made in this technique, but in larger proportions,from maple veneer strips. Part of the light is peeking through the gaps and part is filtered through the wood. Flower Veneer lampshade brings a special atmosphere to the room.

A pair of Light Tubes made ​​of two cylindrical veneer shades in a simple minimalistic line. Two different sized lampshades hanging horizontally, leaning on each other or kissing each other. Unlike most hanging lamps, Light Tube is open on its sides, it gives a twist and creates a warm atmosphere.

Flaco Design - wooden pendant | handmade design, sustainable design, natural design, light design, Scandinavian design