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With a piece at the base of the ponytail like this one @tatyanamerchant . What you think ? @kaylencopper

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DIY FRIDAY // 9 Ways With Fairy Lights

MODbeauty: Natural Glamorous Wedding Makeup

Once upon a time, before the world of blogs, social media and YouTube, what do you think brides did when they wanted to quickly learn how to do their makeup? Luckily for us, we don’t have that problem anymore. For a natural makeup look with a little oomph, we love a subtle glamourous eye paired with […]

Hairdos for long hair

I think that something like this is what I'm leaning towards. I like the sideswept front braid. Though I imagine we'd have to put a fair bit of spray or something into my hair to get it have a bit more volume and be a bit more crunchy and less silky.

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Wicked Champagne cocktail

You can use good Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) rather than Champagne for this recipe, and quite honestly, you'd never know the difference. Also, you get great results from puréed peaches or even strawberries instead of pomegranates, but I always think it's best to stick to what's in season.