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Drinks com espumante

10 jeitos de servir espumante no casamento

If i did a summer wedding I might do this! Serve popsicle spritzers during your wedding cocktail hour for a fun and cool treat! {Photo courtesy of Debbie Kennedy Events & Design}

Layered Non-alcholic Drinks by AgnesWeber

layered nonalcoholic red, white, and blue fourth of july drink - sobe pina colada, gatorade fruit punch, and blueberry-pomegranate. the different sugar content will create the layers.

Moscato Punch - Ingredients •2 bottles Moscato wine •1 pink lemonade frozen concentrate •1 cup Sprite Zero •Fresh raspberries

Moscato Punch

Moscato Punch combines wine, pink lemonade, Sprite Zero, and fresh raspberries

food cocktails 16 Cocktails for dummies (20 photos + recipes)

Cocktails for dummies (20 photos + recipes)

cocktail recipes posters Konstantin Cocktails + recipes posters by Konstantin Datz

Glow in the Dark Food

Tonic water + black light = glow in the dark food! Tonic water glows under black light. Make jello with tonic water for glowing treats!

Fish bowl party alcoholic drink

Fish bowl party alcoholic drink for a summer themed party hell yeah! This can be for fall winter spring and summer again too!

This might be one of the best drinks EVER!!!!

Raspberry Champagne Slushie

Raspberry Champagne Slushie Recipe- 1 cup champagne- one cup frozen raspberries- blend until smooth. Makes 2 drinks

so I need like 4 friends to come over...and we're making these!

The colors of the rainbow. Instead of using ice cubes to chill your beverage think outside of the box. You might try frozen fruit such as melon balls or berries which is fun, fruity and cool.

Just because it's a recipe turned into a rage comic...

Fill bowl with gummy bears Add alcohol of your choice Place in the fridge for one hour Gummy bears will absorb the alcohol Eat the gummy bears Get drunk haha the picture just made me laugh I had to pin!