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Photos of a Strange, Thriving Humanoid Robotics Movement

A feast of art from Kari Christensen

My mother isn't human. She's a Machine. But she's still my mother. And I love her.

'Contact' by Matt Dixon. Iko? Everything else I searched just pulled up the robot that represents Android. :/

Yasutaro Mitsui with his own steel humanoid, early ’30s.

I have a feeling this was a real-life robot that someone once built, rather than something from a movie. I could be wrong though. Wasn't it found dismantled in a shed and then restored, a couple of years back?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: from Mr Universe to the Terminator to the Governator

2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Ray Kurzweil and his Singularity Theory, propose that artificial intelligence will soon surpass human intelligence ... just when will technology be in smarter than scary? Are we there yet?

VRcutthroat, Carlos Díaz on ArtStation at

The top 20 artificial intelligence films - in pictures

Ex Machina, 2014. An artificial intelligence movie which centers around the character Domhnall Gleeson while he spends the holiday at his the vacation home of his boss. Unsuspecting of anything out of the ordinary, Domhnall is coerced into taking part in an experiment in which the those involved must evaluate the range of human qualities and capabilities of the AI robot- Ava. It is a chilling look at Artificial Intelligence technology. #AI #movie